Saturday, April 20, 2019

Warehouse Expansion Complete


     Only 3 years after completing our firearms warehouse, Sports South is proud to announce the completion of our new ammunition and accessories warehouse. This brand new, cutting-edge facility will provide our customers with improved service, a higher level of efficiency, and a larger selection of inventory than ever before.

     In an effort to improve efficiency and increase our surface level, we have incorporated the most advanced packaging warehouse automation and carousel technology. This helps focus our attention on the accuracy of every order and increases the number of orders that can be processed daily. At Sports South we are always looking for new ways to improve productivity to better serve our dealers.

     Our new warehouse allows us to keep more inventory in stock, which helps our dealers serve their customers more efficiently. No matter what the current economic situation might be, it’s not practical for dealers to keep a selection of every available product on hand at their location. At Sports South, we understand the need our customers have for a variety of firearms and accessories that are easily accessible. Rather than maintaining that selection themselves, Sports South acts as their virtual warehouse, providing dealers with an extensive inventory and convenient ordering options.


     We know how much our customers depend on the services we provide, which is why our new warehouse will be an integral part of our dealers’ operations. As we continue to expand within our new warehouse, we will be able to further promote our position within the shooting sports industry. Manufacturers know that our reputation for excellence is unparalleled, so they send us their newest and most hard-to-find products. Dealers know that our stability is unquestionable, and they count on us to help them expand their own businesses by providing the products they need. We know that the addition of our new warehouse will benefit everyone by allowing us to continue expanding our inventory and utilizing the most advanced technology to provide the best service level imaginable.

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