Saturday, April 20, 2019

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Sports South, LLC and Vortx, Inc Announce Integrated eCommerce Platform
Sports South, LLC and Vortx, Inc are pleased to announce an integrated eCommerce platform.  This platform, which uses the AspDotNetStorefront application, will provide Sports South's dealers an eCommerce solution that delivers their online catalog of products along with an advanced back office management system.

"This integration is going to allow our customers to become competitive in the rapidly growing drop ship business, and will help level out the playing field so any dealer will have the ability to setup a powerful web site that is fully integrated with our robust backend data." said Ezra Weinstein, IT Director for Sports South.
The powerful technology behind AspDotNetStorefront will provide the SEO friendly shopping cart along with the sophisticated yet simple user interface.  All while being fully integrated with the Sports South web service for product, images, inventory, and order processing based on the Open Application Group XML standard.

This e-commerce solution, which will be offered as a Software as a Service (SAAS) solution with an initial setup fee and a low monthly cost,  will allow dealers to take advantage of automated inventory, shipment tracking, and enhanced customer service and customer retention, all while reaching a broader audience than ever before.

Jo Benson, COO of both Vortx and AspDotNetStorefront adds her own excitement to this partnership. "We are seeing more and more marriages of online sales success to specific industry modules. In this stunning example, dealers of the Sports South product line are taking ownership of a complete solution."

One of the great features that these online stores will offer is an emphasis on search and navigation that is geared towards making it easy for shoppers to find the product they are looking for.  Along with this enhanced search feature, Sports South has worked jointly with Vortx to build a product comparison feature that allows customers to perform side-by-side comparison of products using Sports South attributes and features.  In addition, each store will be PCI certified as secure in order to guarantee a safe checkout process for the consumer.

With this new partnership, having a complete and Sports South integrated eCommerce solution has never been easier.


About Sports South, LLC
With over 150 years of meeting your needs as a shooting sports distributor, Sports South, LLC has proven to be not only a leader in the industry, but a partner always striving to make sure it's dealers succeed.  With its state of the art warehouse technology, over 26,000 inventory items, convenient online ordering, enhanced dealer software, and excellent customer service, Sports South leads the way as a shooting sports distributor.
About Vortx, Inc. 
Over the course of nearly 20 years, Vortx, Inc. has put together a tightly knit team with skill sets deliberately and strategically diversified to provide an extensive selection of eCommerce products and services.  Vortx is all about eCommerice - it's what they do.


 If you would like more information about this partnership, please contact either Nigel or Will at:

Nigel Davies - Vortx, Inc.
Telephone: 541-201-9965
Will Irvine - Sports South, LLC
Telephone: 318-795-0303
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